Memorable Mile Volunteer Rules

•         All volunteers from an organization must register online at using the organizations reservation code. All volunteers must be registered by Wednesday March 29, 2018.

•         Volunteers registered after March 24, organization will receive 10 points per volunteer. 

•         Volunteers registered by midnight March 24 - 2X Points per volunteer (20 points per volunteer). Must have at least 10 volunteers registered by this date.

•         Volunteers registered by March 17 – 3X Points per volunteer (30 points per volunteer)

•         Volunteers registered by March 10 – 5X Points per volunteer (50 points per volunteer) 

•         Organization w/ the most Volunteers – 250 Points***Points are void if volunteers do not show up for the event. Volunteers will be required to check in on the morning of event.

 ***Minimum of 15 volunteers required to receive points - Connect will provide 2 FREE Registrations per organization + a code for $55 registrations above the 2 Free provided